Our Advantages

1 Provide a perfect passenger experience for the building.
The modular structure of Singapore CTE is introduced to provide you with the ideal vertical transportation with high-quality products.
2 Modern intelligent workshop
The industry-leading new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor can completely reduce the operating cost of the elevator and meet the requirements of saving
3 Energy and space.
The company has purchased a number of international-level automated production lines and production facilities, introduced Singapore manufacturing processe and standardized the process operations, thus forming an efficient production system.
4 Dingya innovation technology, safety first
Dingya Elevator contains IoT monitoring system, multi-elevator protection function, sensitive earthquake operation function and microcomputer group control system, all details of which reflect our intimate care for customers. (Some functions are optional.)
5 Starting from you, starting from the heart
High quality Low cost The quality is guaranteed fundamentally The cost is reduced from the source
6 Reserve talents to gain a decisive victory
A good talent mechanism strategy is used to organically balance the employees’ feelings, career and wages.
  • Service support

    Professional technical team
    An experienced professional maintenance technical team is equipped to provide technical guidance to customers at all times.
    Multi-point distribution
    Establish multiple after-sales service points in the major cities of the country.
    Headquarters backstage support
    The duty engineer will open a 7*24 hour hotline for you to meet the needs of emergent repair and maintenance.
    Internet technology
    The elevator IoT monitoring system is introduced to create a safe elevator environment for users.
    First-class service standard
    Adhere to the principle of “people-oriented and you-oriented”
    Service items
    Provide installation commissioning and trial taking the elevator, as well as the elevator renovation of other brands.
    Choose Dingya,let your business quickly enter the Internet + era.
    You are able to enter the Internet + era faster and better into after choosing a right service provider.
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